You have options for resolving your traffic citation. Drive Safe Lexington is a traffic safety program run by the Fayette County Attorney's Office, and is the only option completed without a guilty plea or conviction. Please read about your options to help you decide how to handle your citation.

Fayette County Attorney's Traffic Safety Program

Angela C. Evans, Fayette County Attorney

I am excited to announce the creation of Drive Safe Lexington! We have entered a new era of criminal justice that focuses on effective and efficient prosecution, embraces technology, and provides solutions that keep Lexingtonians and anyone who visits or passes through Fayette County safe.

Drive Safe Lexington is the Fayette County Attorney, Angela Evans’, new interactive and convenient option to resolve traffic tickets without attending court or in-person traffic classes. This new online program is designed to increase the participant’s awareness of safe driving habits and traffic safety at their own pace, without losing points on your license and entering a guilty plea.

Successful completion of Drive Safe Lexington results in no points against your license and the dismissal of the traffic ticket.

Most moving violations are eligible for the program. However, the Fayette County Attorney’s Office reserves the right to deny applicants based on the seriousness of the violation or when Kentucky law precludes participation. For most violations, the administrative fee for Drive Safe Lexington is $200. However, some cases will carry an administrative fee up to $400.

As explained on the back of a traffic citation, prepaying the fine and court costs is equivalent to pleading guilty, and it is not part of the process for Drive Safe Lexington.

Register below using your citation number to see if you are eligible for Drive Safe Lexington. If you qualify, you will be notified in an email within four (4) days of your registration. The program must be completed no later than 72 hours (3 days) before your court date.

Drivers under the age of 18 are required by Kentucky law to appear in court with a parent or guardian who signed for your license.

Benefits of Drive Safe Lexington:

  • No conviction on court record
  • No points assessed on license
  • No violation recorded on driving record
  • No court appearance required if completed prior to court date

You will not be eligible if:

  • You were driving without a valid unrestricted operator's license
  • You were driving without valid insurance
  • You have participated in a county attorney traffic safety program within two years
  • You have a CDL (commercial driver license)
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  • Pay court costs ($143) and fine prior to arraignment
  • Equivalent to a guilty plea
  • Conviction on court record
  • Points assessed on license
  • Violation recorded on driving record


  • Pay court costs ($134) prior to arraignment
  • Follow instructions from KY Transportation Cabinet to register for State Traffic School ($15 for in-person, $39 for online)
  • Equivalent to a guilty plea
  • Conviction on court records
  • No points assessed on license if State Traffic School is successfully completed
  • No violation recorded on driving record if State Traffic School is successfully completed


  • Appear at your arraignment, personally or by counsel
  • You may still have the option to do Drive Safe Lexington or State Traffic School for moving violations
  • If you wish to contest your charges, your case can be continued for a pre-trial conference and then set for trial

If your citation is not prepayable, you must appear at your arraignment. For more information on prepaying citations and State Traffic School, visit